Diseño con carácter

Me apasiona crear fuentes y/o modificar tipos hasta conseguir algo único, que refleje el todo de la marca, impregnando su personalidad en cada carácter.
Diseñadora gráfica

UX-UI Designer

Jose Igualada Sánchez

Grid & Layout
Good sense for typography
Image editing
Web usability Interface design
Google analythics & SEO

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Lightroom

Currently, I’m working designing internal tools at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) applying the existing institutional Visual Identity guidelines and verifying its correct application by others, It’re internal tools to improve the efficiency of the design and brand examiners workflow such as G&S Comparer, IPTool, AG Examiner, RG Support Tool. For that, I work with a cross-functional team ensuring the feasibility and usability of my interaction concepts.

I love to design but Initially I studied Business, so my job search has always been related to the advertising business, and this (working in an advertising company) is how I realized that my passion is design, thus I decided to specialize my career in design coursing the official degree in graphic design and master (not official) in web programming. Thanks to my background in business and my design career, I got an internship in 2013 in a branding company based in Lisbon Brandia Central, the company that develops logos of UEFA Euro 2016, FIFA world cup 2018, Copa America 2015, Eurobasket 2015, concretely I was enrolled on Vodafone team for the UK.

After my time at Brandia Central, and finishing my career in 2014, I worked as graphic designer in Van Honning, a design studio based in The Hague, Netherlands, where I worked about a year; later I worked with the startup «Foneappetit», a platform for virtual menus for restaurants, where I have created the branding and designing the look and feel and UX in its first version. After that, I worked at Bang Branding, where one of my brand designs was runner up of an international award under the category of Europa and Russia with one of my brand designs (http://bestbrandawards.com).